Lupit Competition Pole - Stainless Steel, 45mm



Take the competition stage confidently with the Lupit Stainless Steel Competition Pole. With a 45mm diameter, it enhances your performance with precision and perfection.

Lupit Competition Pole – Description:

For those whose aspirations reach the highest ranking of the competitions, the Lupit Competition Pole stands as the ultimate embodiment of excellence. Engineered to meet and exceed the highest industry standards, this stainless steel masterpiece is your gateway to delivering flawless, awe-inspiring performances.

In IPSF competitions, Configuration 2 demands a LUPIT pole. Meet this with the LUPIT POLE CHAMPION, embodying cutting-edge tech and steadfast quality.

Boasting a usable height of 4m and a confident 45mm diameter, this pole’s truss system stretches to a commanding 414cm. Its profile combines the allure of a polished stainless steel exterior with the formidable strength of an inner steel core, a testament to its robustness and reliability. Rigorously tested under the harshest conditions spanning safety, materials, and mechanical construction, this pole guarantees unwavering performance, empowering you to exceed your competition aspirations.


  • Crafted as a single piece from resilient stainless steel.
  • Ensured stability through secure fixation of lower and upper bearing systems.
  • Presents a mirror-polished stainless steel exterior, complemented by a robust inner steel core, combining aesthetics and strength.

Elevate your competitive edge with Vertical Wise – Your Partner in Pole Excellence.

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