Lupit Flying Pole Pro - Rubber Black, 2970mm, 45mm


Elevate your aerial dance prowess with the Lupit Flying Pole Pro in captivating Rubber Black, boasting an impressive 2970mm height and 45mm diameter. Crafted for safety and excellence, this pole sets the stage for unparalleled performances.

Lupit Flying Pole Pro Description:

This Aerial apparatus stands as a testament to elevated safety and exceptional performance for aerial pole dancers. Enjoy the security of a 3.5mm thick rubber cover, delivering an ultra-grippy surface for confident maneuvers.

Experience unmatched stability as the lower pole securely connects to the upper pole with a screw mechanism, further fortified by an additional safety hex screw, preventing any untimely unscrewing during your dynamic routines. For added versatility, extend the pole’s height by 1m using an optional extension.

The lower pole’s base features a versatile four-screw universal mount, accommodating a range of attachments that enhance your practice. Notably, an Elliptic safety disc, not part of the basic set, offers both rest and fall protection for beginners, enhancing your safety and confidence.


The Lupit Flying Pole Pro elevates your aerial dance with a minimum ceiling height requirement of 3366mm (11’043″), inclusive of the rigging set, aerial ceiling mount, and elliptic disc. Experience portability without compromise as you dance around a 45mm rubber-handled diameter.

Discover dual rigging points, tailored for suspension and hand loop accessories, underscoring the pole’s versatility. Swift installation is assured, thanks to the ingenious threaded tube connection system, delivering security and ease. The unique lower universal mount expands your pole’s potential with optional attachments, all along a smooth pole design.

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Lupit Pole

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