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Professional hand loop for Aerial Hoop

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Professional hand loop for Aerial Hoop

A durable and comfortable handle for exercising on the aerial hoop. The hand loop allows you to perform acrobatics in the air while ensuring complete safety. The unusual look was achieved by using an additional velvet hemming. The outer material is pleasant to the touch, which makes the velvety hand loop gentle on the skin, and the abrasions will be less severe than in the case of classic equipment.

The hand loop is made of proven, durable materials. The product uses yarn fibers in a polyester braid. To ensure comfort during aerial training, standard belts used in the production of this type of equipment have been trimmed with soft velvet. Due to its unique appearance, the velvety hand loop will be perfect for photo sessions, competitions, and any stage performances.

Product Features:

  • length: 50 cm
  • strength: 2 tons
  • safety factor: 7: 1
  • filling material: yarn
  • sheathing material: polyester, additionally trimmed with velvet
  • the hand loop has additional stitching in the middle (not visible in the photos) to better combine the velvet hemming with the polyester braid.

The stated safety parameters mean that the hand loop breaks at a weight of 14,000 kg. That’s as much as 14 tons of load.
The hand loop offered in our store meets the necessary safety standards and has a declaration of conformity.


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