X-Stage Lite Chrome - Portable Pole Dance Stage


The  X-STAGE LITE is a portable pole dancing podium that can be assembled in just a few minutes giving you the flexibility to take the stage wherever it suits you best.

Experience the ultimate in portable pole dancing with the X-pole X-Stage Lite Chrome. This podium offers unparalleled convenience, as it can be easily assembled in a matter of minutes, granting you the freedom to take your stage wherever suits you best.

Whether for outdoor training, unconventional spaces, or captivating performances, the X-STAGE and X-STAGE LITE stand independently, eliminating the need for ceiling support. The two-piece pole design is joined at the center of a spacious, solid metal platform, exceeding 1.5m in diameter for uninhibited movement. This practicality extends to installation and removal, requiring just one person for the task.

Though practicing on a free-standing pole may involve slight oscillation, this is a minor adjustment for the versatile advantages it offers. The intricate construction makes it a more costly option compared to others, but the investment is well worth it.

X-Stage Lite Chrome Advantages:

  • Effortless setup and portability
  • Stands alone without ceiling attachment
  • Suitable for all dancer levels
  • Combines static and spinning functionalities
  • Features a 1.6m diameter circular dance platform and 3m high dance pole
  • Easy disassembly, components fit neatly into a wheeled carry case system
  • Chrome’s textured grip emulates stainless steel at a more affordable price point

Chrome Material Pros:

  • Offers a better grip than stainless steel
  • Affordable option
  • Emulates stainless steel texture

Chrome Material Cons:

  • Not as durable as other materials
  • May not suit those with excessive sweating
  • Unsuitable for humid environments; contains nickel which can trigger allergies

X-Stage Lite Chrome – Key Features:

  • 1.6m circular stage floor
  • Rounded stage edges for dancer safety
  • Fully foldable main frame with wheels
  • Simple stage floor assembly with no tools required
  • Stable design for complex moves without added weight
  • Extension stabilizers for enhanced stability (included)
  • Weight posts for optional barbell weights
  • Adjustable feet for uneven floors
  • Silicone base pads prevent sliding and floor damage
  • Wheeled carry case for easy transportation
  • Spinning and static modes


  • Stage diameter: 1.6m
  • Overall height: 3m
  • Stage height: 110mm
  • Useable pole length: 2.89m
  • Weight (approx.): X STAGE complete: 70kg, Main frame: 20kg, Stage panels: 40kg, Pole tubes: 10kg

Discover the unmatched freedom and flexibility of pole dancing with the X-Stage Lite Chrome.

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40mm, 45mm



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