Premium Quality Aerial Rope - Choose from 3 Lengths/ Colors


Discover the high-quality VOLTIGE® Aerial Rope, an Ø36mm flexible rope without a strap. Designed with premium materials and expert craftsmanship, this rope offers exceptional performance and versatility for various aerial activities.

Aerial Rope High-Quality Construction and Specifications

Made from the finest materials, features an Ø36mm soft and supple design. Its CmR rating of 1400kg ensures exceptional strength and reliability, meeting the demands of rigorous aerial activities.

  • Free Without a hand loop strap
  • Ø36mm soft and supple
  • Lightweight: 3.9Kg
  • CmR (Minimum Breaking Strength) rating of 1400Kg
  • For rotational movements, it is recommended to use a security hook on the swivel.
  • Customizable lengths available upon request
  • Please note that the hook on the swivel is not included and needs to be obtained separately.
  • Certificate available upon request


  1. Core strength and stability: Working with the free rope requires engaging core muscles, promoting strength, stability, and overall body control. It offers a challenging yet rewarding workout that improves strength and body awareness.
  2. Expressive movement and creativity: Free rope performances allow artists to express their creativity through captivating and dynamic movements in the air. The fluidity and gracefulness of the rope routine captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression.
  3. Increased flexibility and range of motion: Regular practice with the aerial rope can help improve flexibility, range of motion, and overall body flexibility. It challenges the body to reach new heights and achieve impressive feats of contortion and extension.
  4. Full-body workout: Aerial rope training engages various muscle groups simultaneously, offering a comprehensive full-body workout. It targets the upper body, core, and lower body, enhancing strength, endurance, and muscular coordination.
  5. Stress relief and artistic expression: Aerial rope performance provides a unique form of artistic expression while serving as an outlet for stress relief and personal growth. It allows performers to explore their creativity, build self-confidence, and find a sense of freedom while defying gravity.

Crafted with precision and care in France, this Ø36mm soft and supple rope provides a reliable and secure grip. Whether you’re practising aerial arts or acrobatics, this rope is your perfect companion. Experience the freedom of movement!


Unicycle Voltige


6m, 8m, 10m


Black, Red, White

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