Aerial Net for Circus Performances in 2 Colors to Choose


Discover the captivating world of aerial net. Unleash creativity, flexibility, and strength with our versatile aerial net. Perfect for unique routines.

Elevate your circus performances to new heights with the Aerial Net. This remarkable apparatus combines creativity, flexibility, and strength in a stunning display of aerial artistry.

Aerial Net Description:

Crafted for excellence, it features a netting pattern of 40mm x 40mm, spanning a generous 2.80m x 2.80m area. Equipped with two sturdy carabiners, this aerial net ensures safety and security during your breathtaking routines. With a remarkable Working Load Limit (WLL) of 180kg, you can perform with confidence and poise.

The unique rigging of aerial nets, attaching from opposing corners, opens up a world of artistic possibilities. Lie flat in splits, showcase contortion work, and execute intricate hammock moves that captivate the audience. Unlike hammocks, aerial nets offer minimal stretch, adding an element of challenge to your performances. To avoid toe entanglement, consider wearing socks or foot coverings (no shoes) during your routines.

While aerial nets may require an adjustment period due to their distinctive nature, the rewards are boundless. Embrace the discomfort and witness the emergence of awe-inspiring and original routines that leave a lasting impression. The ability to elegantly sit in various positions within the aerial net also makes it an ideal choice for events, performances, such as pouring champagne at weddings or corporate gatherings.


  • Net 40mm X 40mm
  • 2,80m x 2,80m
  • With 2 Carabiners
  • WLL of 180kg



Black, White


Unicycle Voltige

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