X-POLE XPERT (NXN) Chrome - Spinning & Static Pole


Introducing the X-POLE XPERT (NXN) Chrome, the world’s most beloved fitness and dance pole, now with an exciting update. The original spinning & static XPERT pole has been enhanced with some of the best features from the XPERT Pro (PX) model, resulting in an even more exceptional pole experience.

X-POLE XPERT (NXN) Chrome – Features:

  • New sleek and slimline XPERT Pro Upper dome and Top Insert
  • No drilling, screws, or bolts into your floor or ceiling required thanks to our pressure mounting system
  • Spinning and static modes for the best of both worlds
  • Pole fits heights between 2285mm (7′ 6″) to 2785mm (9′ 2″)
  • Optional extensions for ceiling heights above 2785mm (9′ 2″) up to 3410mm (11′ 2″)
  • Easy to install and user-friendly
  • Safe, sturdy, and full instruction manuals/instructional videos available
  • Can be installed with a permanent mount (Ball Mount or Pole Home Mount)
  • Disassembles quickly for easy storage and transport
  • Carry case sold separately

Effortlessly installed and incredibly user-friendly, the XPERT offers versatility and convenience.

Featuring spinning and static modes, the XPERT adapts to every poler’s requirements. Key features include the new sleek XPERT Pro Upper dome and Top Insert, a pressure mounting system eliminating the need for floor or ceiling drilling, and compatibility with heights ranging from 2285mm (7′ 6″) to 2785mm (9′ 2″).

Safety, sturdiness, and ease of installation are paramount, with full instruction manuals and instructional videos provided. The XPERT can be permanently mounted using a Ball Mount or Pole Home Mount. When disassembly is needed, it swiftly breaks down for convenient storage and transportation.

Please note that the carry case is sold separately, ensuring that your X-POLE XPERT remains protected and portable.

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40mm, 45mm


1000mm (up to 3410mm ceiling height), 500mm (up to 3160mm ceiling height), 750mm (up to 3285mm ceiling height), none (up to 2785mm ceiling height)

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