Aerial Straps - Velvet: Classic Circus Props for Aerial Acrobatics


Experience the timeless elegance of Aerial Straps – Velvet, the beloved straps or belts used in aerial acrobatics. This set includes two belts, finished with a hand loop and two clamps for each belt.

Enhanced Comfort with Velvet Trimming

Unlike traditional loops, our model features a wrist loop trimmed with luxurious velvet material, ensuring superior comfort during training. Made from a durable polyester core, these belts have an additional velvet hem that allows for bare skin work without the need for extra layers of clothing.

Optimal Size and Mobility

The straps are designed with loops that easily fit both wrists and ankles, measuring 25 cm in length. With double seams and an appropriate thickness, these belts provide freedom of movement without limiting joint mobility. Enjoy comfort and safety during technical strength elements, swings, or falls.

Comprehensive Kit Contents

The price includes a set of belts with delta carabiners and four hand clamps. The set features:

  • 2 belts
  • 4 hand clamps
  • 2 delta carabiners (25kN)

Fully Functional with Additional Accessories

To maximize the functionality of the belts, we recommend purchasing the necessary accessories (last photo), including:

Technical Specifications

  • Standard belt lengths: 2 – 6 meteres
  • Custom lengths available upon request
  • Belt width in hem: 50 mm
  • Hand loop size: 25 cm (250 mm)
  • Material: Polyester core with velvet trimming
  • Color: Black

Unleash your creativity and strength with Aerial Straps – Velvet. Elevate your aerial acrobatics skills and perform with grace and confidence.


Flying Rose


2m, 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m

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