Lupit IPSF Competition Pole - Brass, 45mm


LUPIT pole Champion brass is a high-tech competition pole approved by IPSF. The pole is made according to the highest pole industry standards.


Experience the pinnacle of competition pole excellence with the Lupit IPSF Competition Pole in stunning Brass, boasting a 45mm diameter. Designed to meet the highest standards of the pole industry, this one-piece pole redefines competition-grade performance.

IPSF Competition Pole – Description:

For participants in IPSF competitions, the Lupit IPSF Competition Pole is a must-have, meeting the exacting configuration standards. Elevate your competitive edge with the LUPIT POLE CHAMPION, a cutting-edge competition pole meticulously crafted to exceed industry benchmarks.

With a commanding usable height of 4m and a diameter of 45mm, this pole is engineered to perfection. The truss system’s height requirement stands at 414cm, a fusion of a flawlessly polished stainless steel tube on the exterior and a robust inner steel tube.

Undergo the ultimate test of performance as this pole has been rigorously evaluated under extreme conditions, ensuring uncompromising safety, premium materials, and impeccable mechanical construction.


  • Crafted as a single piece, this brass pole exudes elegance and strength.
  • Secure fixation of both the lower and upper bearing systems.
  • The exterior boasts a mirror-polished brass tube, while a robust inner steel tube fortifies the structure.

Whether you’re competing on the world stage or setting new standards in your training, Lupit Pole guarantees excellence, leaving a lasting impression.

Elevate your competition presence with Vertical Wise – Your Partner in Pole Excellence.

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