The Ultimate Anchor Plate for Ceiling: Your Gateway to Aerial Freedom!


Discover safety and artistry with our Anchor Plate for Ceiling. Elevate your aerial practice securely. Perfect for aerial acrobatics at home.

Discover a new realm of possibilities with our sturdy and reliable 6 mm thick galvanized steel anchor plate for ceiling designed specifically for all your aerial equipment needs. Elevate your practice and performances with confidence, knowing you’re securely anchored to your domestic ceiling.

Strength Without Compromise

Crafted from premium galvanized steel, our anchor plate boasts an impressive 6 mm thickness. Built to withstand the rigors of aerial acrobatics, this plate ensures your safety as you unleash your creativity in the air. With our innovative welding-free construction, rest assured that the structural integrity remains intact, ensuring your peace of mind during every daring maneuver.

Versatile Design for Any Setting

Featuring a generous 12 cm diameter and thoughtfully spaced holes within 10 cm, our anchor plate effortlessly adapts to various ceiling structures. Whether you’re fastening it to reinforced concrete joists or sturdy wooden beams, this plate is your steadfast companion in soaring to new heights. Always seek advice from an experienced professional to ensure your chosen ceiling or beam is optimal for installation.

Protection at Every Turn

Your safety is our priority. Equipped with wear-resistant silicone protection, the eyelet of our anchor plate offers unparalleled security. Compatible with all the carabiners, quick links, and swivels available in the market, you can trust that every connection point is robust and reliable.

 Anchor Plate for Ceiling Installation Made Effortless

No need to fret over installation logistics. Each package comes with three certified anti-seismic concrete anchors, complete with easy-to-follow instructions. Should your setup require a different approach, opt for three 8X100mm self-drilling screws for wood fixation. The choice is yours, and our anchor plate accommodates both options seamlessly.

Elevate with Confidence

Embark on a journey of aerial acrobatics within the cozy confines of your home. Our anchor plate brings you an economical and secure solution, offering the freedom to pursue your passion without compromise. Elevate your practice and performance safely, with the reassurance of a reliable anchor above.

Discover the joy of aerial acrobatics with unwavering confidence. Unlock your potential today with our Anchor Plate for Ceiling – where safety meets limitless possibilities.

 Anchor Plate for Ceiling Specifications:

For the Anchor Plate Alone:

  • Breaking Load Limit (BLL): Around 30 kN, roughly 3000 kg.
  • Working Load Limit (WLL): Approximately 40 daN, about 400 kg.
  • Factor of Safety: 7.

If You Use Wood Screws for Installation:

  • Wood Screws: When correctly secured into wooden beams.
  • BLL: About 15 kN, around 1500 kg.
  • WLL: Approximately 20 daN, about 200 kg.
  • Factor of Safety: 7.

If You Opt for Concrete Anchors:

  • Concrete Anchors (Tassels): When properly installed into concrete.
  • BLL: Roughly 18 kN, about 1800 kg.
  • WLL: Around 25 daN, about 250 kg.
  • Factor of Safety:  7.

A Vital Note to Remember:

  • Weak Links Matter: Your setup’s strength relies on the weakest component.
  • Anchor Plate Focus: Always consider the WLL and BLL of the fasteners you use for installation.

Safety is paramount, so keep these values in mind to ensure your aerial endeavors are secure and stress-free.


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